Villas for rent in Peyia

Peyia, also called Pegeia, is a suburb of Paphos in western Cyprus. It clings to the rugged hills along the long coastline of the Mediterranean. The hills on the east has splendid waterfalls, forests, and the scenic Avakas Gorge where you can see beautiful limestone formations and wildlife. The coastline of Peyia has the Blue Flag Coral Bay, sea caves, a shipwreck site, and several small islands, which makes Peyia one of the most interesting places to visit in Cyprus.

There are different types of accommodation options in Peyia, including hotels, resorts, and luxury villas for rent. Choose from 2,3,4 bedroom villas in Peyia. You will also find larger properties if you are a bigger group.

Many villas are on the coast or next to the Coral Bay, which is one of the best beaches in Cyprus. Others are located in the village center.

The Best Villas in Peyia

Villa Margarita — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
6 BR, Peyia
from $474 per night
Stay as a group together, in luxury and complete luxury in this magnificent villa for rent. Located on the edge of a ravine in the...
Villa Lante — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
7 BR, Peyia
from $208 per night
The Lante villa looks like a palace in grandeur and scale. This 4-bedroom villa for rent in Cyprus pays close attention to all the...
Casa Manila — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
5 BR, Peyia
from $587 per night
Live the life of luxury in a holiday villa for rent that stands out because of its location, opulence, and the finest personal...
Holiday Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
3 BR, Peyia
from $217 per night
Stay in a private villa for rent in Cyprus, surrounded by lush nature and hills. Holiday Villa is a stunning stone-cut mansion in...
Casa Tropicana — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
6 BR, Peyia
from $1,073 per night
Be in the heart of Peyia and yet in your own oasis of peace and tranquility. Tropicana is a charming 6-bedroom villa for rent in...
Villa Aphrodite — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
3 BR, Peyia
from $158 per night
Stay in a spacious and well-appointed private villa for rent in the western side of Cyprus. Villa Aphrodite is a 3-bedroom...
Villa Esperanza — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
5 BR, Peyia
from $565 per night
Gaze far into the horizon and the Mediterranean Sea at a distance from your exclusive holiday villa for rent in Cyprus. Or spend...
Casa Grande — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
4 BR, Peyia
from $508 per night
A masterpiece of design, luxury, and comfort, Casa Grande is an ocean view property in Cyprus that could be your exclusive...
Villa Aurora — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
4 BR, Peyia
from $474 per night
Spend a relaxing and quiet vacation in Cyprus and return home refreshed. At Villa Aurora, you will be surrounded by tall trees,...
Villa Savoye — Villa for rent in Peyia
3 BR, Peyia
from $181 per night
Welcome to Villa Savoye, your home away from home in beautiful Cyprus. Savoye is a 3-bedroom luxury holiday villa for rent close...
Casa Perla — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
4 BR, Peyia
from $395 per night
Hovering above the Mediterranean Sea, Casa Perla is an oasis of tranquility and peace in the island of Cyprus. You will love...
Casa Bella — Villa for rent in Peyia
3 BR, Peyia
from $271 per night
Stay in a traditional house in Cyprus that offers modern luxuries and impeccable service. Casa Bella is a small 3-bedroom villa...
Villa Mozart — Villa for rent in Peyia
3 BR, Peyia
from $89 per night
Named after Mozart, the famous Austrian composer, this private holiday villa for rent in Cyprus is located at Peyia in the western...
Pelagia Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
4 BR, Peyia
from $119 per night
Pelagia is a stunning 4-bedroom villa for rent in west Cyprus at Peyia. Very close to the beach, it is at an elevated position,...
Villa Luxe — Luxury villa for rent in Peyia
9 BR, Peyia
from $1,807 per night
Stay in complete luxury and privacy in an upscale villa for rent in the western side of Cyprus. Luxe is a huge 9-bedroom property...

General FAQ

⛱ Which beach in Cyprus is most beautiful?

Coral bay is a strong contender for the west coast's most beautiful beach.

🎈 Where should we stay in Cyprus?

The west coast of Cyprus is fringed by the calm Mediterranean sea, Coral bay is ideal for relaxing.

🍎 What is the best month to go to Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is between May and October. This time around 30 degrees every day.

🔥 What are the best beaches in Cyprus?

Visit the beautiful beaches: Ayia Napa, Paphos, Nissi beach, Gape Grecko and Coral bay.

❓ What are the top attractions to visit in Cyprus?

Let's explore the best attractions in Cyprus: Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the Roman), Tombs of the Kings & Archaeological Park (Paphos) and Kolossi Castle.

📌 Where is the best place to live in Cyprus?

Naturally, where else would we begin but Cyprus’s capital, Paphos. This city is a hub of culture, business and world famous nightlife.

💎 What makes Cyprus so special?

Though Cyprus is more famous for its red wine than white, the majority of its vineyards have white grapes. Cyprus is one of the world's biggest producers of citrus. Paphos have historically unique - the remains of ancient tombs, fortresses and palaces have made the whole town a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Peyia Destination

Peyia is one of the nicest places to stay in Cyprus if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful island vacation. It is still largely untouched by tourism. But many tourist attractions in the west coast of the island are still very close. In the village center, you will find many traditional tavernas, bars, bakeries that sell local pastries and cakes, coffee shops, a couple of supermarkets, and a fruit market.

Peyia has modernized like the rest of Cyprus, but you will still find many traditional houses. You will still see many narrow streets and alleyways that are full of old and interesting houses decorated with colorful flowers and citrus trees. The locals are friendly. You will find many vineyards and banana plantations around the village.

The Blue Flag Coral Bay beach is only 5 minutes by road from Peyia. It is a family-friendly beach with bars, restaurants, and amenities. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire. There are also watersports activities. North of Coral Bay, there is Kafizis beach, which is more serene. It gets fewer tourists. Lara Beach, which is a famous turtle nesting site, is only 10 minutes away by car or bike.

The Coral Bay Beach

Coral Bay is the star attraction of Peyia. This is a crescent-shaped 600-meter stretch of soft white sandy beach between two headlands. The northern headland has an archeological site and a museum. Coral Bay’s water is clean and safe for swimming. You will find many swimmers, including families here. There are no riptides. You will find lifeguards on the beach during the swimming season.

There are also many types of watersports activities on the beach like windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing, and hang-gliding. You will also find many sunbeds, umbrellas, and a couple of restaurants. There is a beach pavilion with facilities for tourists at the southern end of the beach.

February to June and again between October and December are good times to visit Coral Bay. Beach parties are held here during the summer months. However, it can get crowded during the peak tourist season. If you prefer a more serene beach, then just cross the northern headland. There is a smaller beach here that remains mostly empty. Or you can visit Kafizis beach in northern Peyia. This too is a very scenic and serene stretch of sandy beach with many rocky formations.

Activities in Peyia

You can spend a relaxing vacation in Peyia enjoying the Cypriot sun or have an activity-filled holiday here. There are many things to do –

Accommodation in Peyia

Peyia has some of the best villas for rent in the west coast of the island. Some of them are close to the beach, while the others are located in serene parts of the village. There are a few hotels and resorts as well.

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