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Enjoy your Cypriot vacation in the island’s second biggest city. Limassol with more than 100,000 residents is a large city by Cyprus standards. Limassol offers everything to the tourist – sandy beaches, castles, museums, a beautiful fishing harbor, and a salt water lake. There are many cafes, bars, restaurants, and lively nightlife venues. Visit the UNESCO listed ancient Kourion, which has a history of 6000 years.

Stay in a luxury villa for rent at Limassol for the most memorable vacation. You will be able to stay together as a group and enjoy your privacy. No sharing of common spaces with people you don’t know. No jostling for a sunbed beside the swimming pool.

Limassol holiday villas come with all modern amenities and luxuries = beautifully landscaped gardens, private swimming pool, aesthetic interiors, kitchen, living room, internet, parking, music, games, and more.

The Best Villas in Limassol

Sunshine Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Limassol
4 BR, Limassol
from $119 per night
Stay in a luxury villa in the lap of nature in Cyprus. Sunshine is a 3-bedroom luxury property for rent at Limassol on the...
Villa Estancia — Luxury villa for rent in Limassol
10 BR, Limassol
from $3,508 per night
Sip your morning coffee while glancing over the Mediterranean. Estancia is a stunning 10-bedroom villa for rent at Limassol in...
Casa Blanca — Luxury villa for rent in Limassol
5 BR, Limassol
from $588 per night
Set within the hills of Limassol, and yet close to the sea, Casa Blanca is a luxury estate for a group of up to 10 guests. Relax...

General FAQ

⛱ Which beach in Cyprus is most beautiful?

Coral bay is a strong contender for the west coast's most beautiful beach.

🎈 What makes Cyprus so special?

Though Cyprus is more famous for its red wine than white, the majority of its vineyards have white grapes. Cyprus is one of the world's biggest producers of citrus. Paphos have historically unique - the remains of ancient tombs, fortresses and palaces have made the whole town a Unesco World Heritage Site.

🍎 Where is best for family holidays?

Paphos: This beautiful town in Cyprus and the perfect base for visiting The Tombs of the Kings, Cape Greco, and the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park.

🔥 Where should we stay in Cyprus?

The west coast of Cyprus is fringed by the calm Mediterranean sea, Coral bay is ideal for relaxing.

❓ What is the best month to go to Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is between May and October. This time around 30 degrees every day.

📌 What is a luxury villa?

Luxury villas are luxury houses of the elite and rich people usually built as a second home. A luxury villa will not be complete without the dedicated staff to serve its tenants and guests.

💎 Where is the best place to live in Cyprus?

Naturally, where else would we begin but Cyprus’s capital, Paphos. This city is a hub of culture, business and world famous nightlife.

Limassol Destination

Limassol, the second largest city on the island has a perfect location south-central of Cyprus. Paphos and Ayia Napa, both major tourist areas, are both close. Limassol itself has a lot of tourist attractions. The city has 16 kilometers of sandy coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, which make it a fabulous destination for the beach lovers. The main attraction is, of course, the Limassol Castle. See the rich collection of tombstones and pottery here from the Pre-Neolithic and Byzantine times.

There is a beautiful promenade along the seafront. The sculpture park is also located on the seafront. It has beautiful structures that have been made by Greek, Cypriot, and many international artists.

Limassol is also known as the city of festivals. If you visit in February, you can see the 10-day carnival. The beer festival is held in July, while in September, there is the annual wine festival. Then there is also the flower festival in May.

Limassol Castle

The Limassol Castle goes back to the 14th century. It is located close to the old harbor near the sea. The structure you will see now was constructed during the Ottoman times, but excavations have revealed that there used to be a larger Byzantine castle and Christian Basilica earlier. It was used as a defensive fort. There used to be prison cells and underground chambers.

According to legend, King Richard the Lionheart married Princess Berengaria of Navarre here in 1191.

You will now find the Cyprus Byzantine and Medieval Museum in the castle. There are many well preserved brass and bronze tableware, silver plates, weapons, armor, jewelry, woodcarvings, pottery, coins, and tombstones. You can also see events from the life of King David. The stairways, air shafts, and echoing vaults make the building interesting too. Awesome views from the roof.

Kourion & Amathous

These are two ancient historical sites. Kourion to the west of Limassol is the island’s most important archaeological site. Experts believe the town was founded in the 13th century by the Mycenaean settlers. You can see the house of Gladiators, the Nymphea, early Christian basilica, the ancient Kourion stadium, the ancient amphitheater, and more. There are a couple of beautiful beaches nearby with some tavernas.

Amathous is located on the other side, east from Limassol. This is one of the oldest city kingdoms of the island. See the acropolis, basilicas, and the temple of Aphrodite. Also see the ancient waterworks system, which is very detailed.

Top Beaches in Limassol

16 kilometers of coastline surround the city. Many of them have good tourist infrastructure like water sports, dining, and restrooms. The beaches further away are more serene and wilder. Some of them are rocky, while the others are sandy.

Accommodation in Limassol

Limassol is a big city for tourists. It is also a port city and there are also many businesses. As a result, you will find many hotels, resorts, villas, and apartments here. Stay in a luxury villa for rent in Limassol for the most leisurely and luxurious experience. Enjoy your time on the island with complete privacy.

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