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Rent a luxury villa in Cyprus for the most memorable Mediterranean vacation. Spend a lazy relaxing vacation basking in the sun with complete privacy. At 3,572 square miles, Cyprus is the third biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. This eastern Mediterranean island receives 300 days of sunshine a year, which is why Cyprus has become a favorite holiday destination for the Brits, Russians, and others coming from places with a long winter season.

But there is much more to Cyprus than just the sun. The island has many scenic beaches many of which are Blue Flag designated, a craggy shoreline with cliffs and rock bridges, hidden coves and bays, hills with forests, medieval villages, and pretty small towns. Cyprus also has thousands of years of history. There are many ancient sites and places of archeological importance that feature in the UNESCO Heritage list. For example, the city of Paphos is entirely in the UNESCO Heritage list.

You will find many fantastic villas for rent all over Cyprus. Many of them are modern properties, while the others are traditional hacienda-style Spanish homes. There are many beachfront properties. But you will also find them located up in the hills offering sweeping 360-degree views. There are villas in villages, the big cities of Cyprus, and even in golf resorts.

The Best Villas in Cyprus

The best villas in Cyprus are luxurious properties available on rent. Impeccably maintained, even the smallest details have been taken care of. Each corner of these properties have been designed and decorated with marble, Roman pillars, stones, glasswork, local artwork, and elegant furnishings.

They have huge outdoor areas where you will find infinity swimming pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue, fire pit, manicured lawns, and gardens. The indoors are packed with modern amenities. Expect the best quality service at these fully-staffed villas. There is housekeeping, laundry service, chef service, butler service, and a bartender.

You will find the best villas in Cyprus here at our website. We have handpicked each property on the basis of the luxury offered, service, and location. Get pampered during your stay. Feel like royalty on your next visit to Cyprus.

Villas in Cyprus for rent

Villa Amenities

  • Air conditioning, Barbecue, Jacuzzi, Fire pit, Fridge & mini-bar, Internet Wi-Fi, Secure enclosed grounds, Cable TV, Ceiling fans, Concierge services, Stereo system, DVD player, Swimming pool, Secure grounds, Fully functional kitchen, Spa/massage on call, Outdoor dining area, Housekeeping, Laundry service, Chef service, Doctor on call, Yoga lessons on request, Private beach access, Safe deposit, Babysitting services, Gardener, Security

Where to Stay in Cyprus

Most tourists visit the eastern, southern, central, or western parts of the island.

Eastern Cyprus

Consists of the party destination Ayia Napa, Protaras, Paralimni, and the Cape Greco region. There are sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, beautiful towns, and hiking.

  • The east is best for nature, nightlife
  • The Blue Flag Fig Tree beach
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Hiking, biking, camping

Major Areas in Eastern Cyprus:

  • Protaras – A tourist resort, popular with families and diving enthusiasts. The area is also good for scuba diving, both for advanced divers and beginners. The top dive sites are Malama Bay, Green Bay, and The Blue Hole. Fig Tree is a Blue Flag beach. Konnos Beach and Sunrise Beach are also popular. There are many apartments, hotels, and luxury villas clustered around the sandy beaches.
  • Ayia Napa – Ayia Napa is next to Protaras. Popular throughout the Mediterranean, this is the party capital of Cyprus. Ayia Napa’s nightlife has often been compared with Ibiza. The resorts beauty has been compared with Mykonos of Greece. The city’s main square is lined with clubs and bars. The nightlife makes this a popular area for young travelers. The coastline is dramatic with sheer cliffs. Pantachou and Nissi are the best beaches. There are some very good private villas for rent, hotels, and resorts.
  • Cape Greco – National forest park at the south-eastern tip of the island. There are many hiking trails here where you can see unique flora. Stunning sea views over the craggy shoreline. There is a picnic site and camping grounds as well. There are sea caves and a small canyon that meets the sea.

Southern Cyprus

Two large cities, Larnaca and Limassol, dominates the landscape. There are historical sites, ancient cities, good beaches, salt lakes, and amusement facilities.

  • Big cities, local nightlife
  • Ancient Kourion
  • Salt lakes

Major Areas in Southern Cyprus:

Larnaca – Larnaca is a large town with one of the island’s biggest harbors. The Finikoudes beach in Larnaca is one of Europe’s most scenic city beaches. This is a palm-lined beach with a beautiful promenade. The water is clean and safe for swimming. The town has many cafes, restaurants, shops, and supermarkets. There is KFC, McDonalds’s, Starbucks, and Marks and Spencer. The city also has historic religious sites. There is also a salt water lake where you can see flamingoes.

Limassol – Limassol offers family-friendly atmosphere, but there is nightlife too. Limassol is one of the largest cities in Cyprus. It has beaches, restaurants, water parks, and historical attractions. See the ruins of Amathus and the Limassol castle. The city also has a marina. Ancient Kourion is close to Limassol.

Sunshine is a 3-bedroom luxury property for rent at Limassol on the southern coast of the island.

Estancia is a stunning 10-bedroom villa for rent at Limassol in southern Cyprus.

Casa Blanca is a luxury estate for a group of up to 10 guests.

* Price depends on arrival dates and duration of stay.

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Western Cyprus

Paphos and Peyia are the two most popular areas in the west. There are also the small villages of Limni and Argaka. Akamas Peninsula in the north.

  • Ancient history, archeology
  • Waterfalls, forests, gorge
  • Aphrodite’s Rock
  • Sea caves

Major Areas in Western Cyprus:

  • Paphos – A historical city, once known as Kouklia. It is the birthplace of the mythical goddess Aphrodite. The entire city is UNESCO Heritage listed. You can see fortresses, ruins of tombs, theaters, and the Archaeological Park. Modern-day Paphos has a wonderful seaside with restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and broad avenue. The iconic Aphrodite’s Rock is just south of Paphos.
  • Peyia – Hilly Peyia is north of Paphos. It has the Blue Flag Coral Bay, forests, waterfalls, and the scenic Avakas Gorge. Swimming is safe all along the coast. Thereare lifeguards. There are a few other beaches as well, which attract fewer tourists, and are thus more serene. The village center and beachside has many cafes, bars, bakeries, and traditional tavernas.
  • Aphrodite Hills Golf Course – A golfing resort with an award-winning spa, many gardens, fountains, and a tennis academy. This 18-hole golf course is the best golfing area on the island. There are many beautiful luxury villas with stunning views.
  • Limni, Argaka – Two small villages close to Peyia. Village communities with many trees, orchards, and vineyards. Traditional houses and lifestyle of the locals.

Located in Aphrodite’s exclusive community, Villa Weston is the perfect vacation paradise for you.

Casa Barbeiro is a beachfront 4-bedroom villa for rent in the western side of the island.

Villa Margo is a stunning 3-bedroom private villa for rent at Paphos in western Cyprus.

* Price depends on arrival dates and duration of stay.

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Central Cyprus

The capital of Cyprus Nicosia and the Troodos Mountains. Just south is the Troodos Mountains with beautiful villages, churches, and skiing in the winter.

Nicosia – Nicosia is the world’s only divided capital. It is split between Turkish Cyprus and Greece. You need a passport to go from one side of the city to the other. The city doesn’t have any beach, as it is far from the coast. However, there is a lot of history, many museums and art galleries.

  • Museums, art galleries
  • Skiing in the winter

Best Villa Features

Here are some features of the best villas in our website:

  • Private Pool – Luxury villas for rent come with a private pool, which means, you don’t have to share it with strangers. You will have it completely to yourself and your group. The kids can splash around safely. There is a sundeck around the pool with loungers. Many villas in Cyprus also have a Jacuzzi.
  • Extravagant Bathrooms – The washrooms are super too. They have top décor and designer faucets. Some have Terrazzo bathtubs, while others have open roofing or a private garden setting. They are bigger in size too as villas have more space than hotels and resorts.
  • Tropical Gardens – An eye-catching garden around the house can set you up for relaxation, leisure, and even entertainment. Our best villas have lush tropical gardens with tall trees and flowering plants. You can have a picnic lunch on the manicured lawn or a barbecue party. Many gardens have chairs and hammocks under the trees.
  • Stunning Views – Enjoy gorgeous views from your vacation property. You will have unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea from the bedrooms, pool area, from the balcony and terraces. Many of our villas have an elevated position, which offers panoramic views of the entire neighborhood and farther out. There are properties offering hill and valley views as well.
  • Location – Our villas have top locations. They can be a private oasis perfect for privacy and relaxation, but are still close to cultural activities, leisure facilities, restaurants, bars. You have a villa for every kind of location – beachfront, hills, archeological sites, tourist attractions, medieval villages, and cities.

Why Stay at a Villa in Cyprus?

  • Enjoy complete privacy – A private villa for rent will give you complete privacy. The house will be just for you and your guests. You don’t have to share the pool or the common areas or facilities with people you don’t know. Enjoy a private barbecue, poolside party, or a picnic on the lawn. There are no dress codes. The villa’s security will ensure there are no prying eyes.
  • More luxury – You will get all modern luxuries in the Cypriot villas, which are comparable to what you will find in star category hotels and resorts. There will be a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, spa-quality en-suite bathrooms, premium bathtubs, games like tennis and pool, and more. Terrace and private balconies offer stunning views. Some villas even have media rooms, an in-house cinema, library with books and movies. And all this will be just for you and your group.
  • More room – The bedrooms are considerably larger than hotel and resort rooms. So you will have more leg space where you can comfortably spread out. Most bedrooms come with en-suite bathrooms and private balconies.
  • Personalized attention – Many of our properties in Cyprus are fully-staffed villas. There is housekeeping, laundry service, a professional chef, butler, pool attendant, gardener, and security. You will get their complete attention because there are no other guests during the tenure of your stay.
  • Better food – Many Cypriot villas have a professional chef. You can ask the chef to prepare food just like you want. You can also ask for special meals for the elderly people or kids in your group. In many villas, breakfast is complementary. If you want, you can also give the chef a break for one night and prepare a sumptuous meal in the well-equipped kitchen.
  • Cost effective – Luxury villas may seem costly, but they will actually cost you less than a star-category hotel or resort. Take for example a 5-bedroom villa. When the cost is divided between five families, it will be about the same or less than a hotel or resort.

Hotels Vs Luxury Villas

Before renting a villa in Cyprus you should be convinced that this is the right choice for you. If not, then it’s better to select another accommodation option. A holiday villa is a great choice for larger groups or a family because it gives you significant savings. Generally, the bigger the group, the better price you will get per person.

Consider also the facilities and your holiday style, as there will be a difference between service offered in a hotel and villa. You will have more freedom in a Cyprus villa, but there will be things you have to manage on your own. Having said this, many of our villas are fully-staffed and you will also get personal attention, because there will be no other guests during the tenure of your stay.

If you want to save money by renting a villa in Cyprus, check how many people can stay there and also the sleeping arrangements. Check the number of beds, and if you can use other sleeping areas too, such as a sofa. Get more people in to save more money.

How to Select a Villa?

We have a lot of luxury villas available for rent on our website. So how do you select one? Here are a few tips to help you.

  1. Location – Where do you want to stay? We have beachfront properties, villas that are close to historical areas, those near nightlife places, properties in golf resorts and villages. Pick one in an area you prefer.
  2. Number of bedrooms – We have small 2-bedroom villas to large mansions with more than 6 bedrooms. Select one based on your group size. Some villas have additional sleeping provisions like bunk beds. So also check the total number of guests they can accommodate.
  3. Sleeping arrangements – Even within the same category of rooms in one property, there may be quite significant differences in size and even facilities. See pictures of all the rooms carefully to see the actual situation and read carefully the information about the sleeping arrangements.
  4. Reviews – Read the reviews posted by guests before deciding. This will give you an idea of whether the guests who have stayed in these villas have been satisfied with the facilities, amenities, service, and everything else.
  5. Experience – Check the years of experience of the owners. More experience means more knowledge. The “Oldies” are more trustworthy.
  6. Reservation policy – Check carefully all the reservation policies along with the cancellation policy, check-in and check-out policy, refundable deposit etc.
  7. Seasonal and other discounts – You will often get seasonal and other discounts. So you can save money if you are flexible about the timing.

How to Save Up to 50%?

Here are ways to save money on your Cyprus visit.

  1. Save up to 10% – Book your flight ticket well in advance. The ticket price goes up closer to the departure date.
  2. Save up to 15% – Book your villa 3-6 months before arrival. You can ask for additional discounts for early booking, if you book really early.
  3. Save up to 5% – Get additional discount if you pay by cash.
  4. Save up to 20% – Avail special discounts during the off-season, even in early December, just before the holiday season, or at the end of January, when the peak-season is over. Ask for special discounts for longer stays.

Ask The Right Questions

Always pick up the phone or send an email to the villa representative before paying. You should have all details in writing for your reference in case of any issues. Use the official number listed on the holiday rental site. Think thoroughly what is important for you and check if everything you need is available and especially the additional charges that may be counted.

Here are some of the key questions to ask before renting a holiday villa in Cyprus.

  1. What is included in the price? Additional charges?
  2. How far is it from the beach, restaurants and supermarket?
  3. Is the villa accessible by car or do you have to walk from the closest accessible point?
  4. Is it family-friendly, baby friendly?
  5. How secure is the villa?
  6. What cooking and other equipment is there?
  7. How to reach from the airport or station? Check the pickup options.
  8. Do you supply bed linen, towels and toiletries?
  9. What are the behavior rules in the villa? Check the policy on loud music at night etc. to avoid problems.
  10. Are pets allowed?
  11. When and how do I pick up the keys?
  12. Is there a local key holder who can help us when we arrive?
  13. Are there cleaning fees?
  14. Does the place have mobile reception/internet access?
  15. Is there a TV or DVD player?
  16. Is there space for parking?
  17. Smoking or non-smoking?
  18. Is electricity included in the cost? If not, what's a typical weekly bill?
  19. Does the owner live nearby, in case of problems?
  20. Do you have to make a deposit?
  21. Is there a washing machine?
  22. Is there a water filter? Or how drinking water is managed?
  23. Are the beds doubles or twins? Are there cots if you have babies?
  24. If there's a swimming pool, is it currently fit for use? Does it operate throughout the year or is it seasonal?
  25. Do you have to share the villa with other guests?


There are many ways to pay to book your villa in Cyprus.

Some owners or agents ask for a non-refundable deposit, mostly 25%, with the balance money to be paid later or directly at the villa. You can also book the holiday home without an advance payment. In such cases, check by phone and make sure your reservation is confirmed because there can be a system error.

There are other payments options too like directly to the bank account, PayPal, card or others such as Western Union etc. There can be charges if you are paying directly to the bank from another country. So it is better to use a debit or credit card. It is easy, fast and secure. PayPal payment is also a good option.

Make sure that the payment is traceable. Insist on payment confirmation always.

Alarm bells should ring if you're asked to pay by an instant money transfer service such as Western Union or Cash. While you've no protection when you pay by bank transfer, at least these are usually traceable.

If someone asks you to pay by Cash or Western Union, be highly suspicious. Never pay this way.

Instant money transfer payments cannot be traced at all in a fraud. Scammers will often use this method. Holiday rental websites' guarantees won't cover you if you pay this way.

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