Villas for rent in Paphos

Rent your luxury villas in Paphos. Here at Cyprus Villa, we offer you plenty of great options to choose from. Your vacation time is important to us, so we have hand-picked some of the best properties in Protaras.

Many of these villas are located right on the beach, while others are just a 5-10 minute walk away. Check the details of each villa to find out how close they are to the beach. The properties are absolutely private. No noisy guests. Nobody will peep in out of curiosity! You will have complete privacy with your family or friends.

Now finally, you can spend some quality time with people you are close to, draped in complete luxury. The rooms are spacious, unlike hotels rooms, which can be very cramped. There is a lush garden, barbeque, private parking, and a swimming pool. Free Wi-Fi. There is a kitchen too. The terrace offers unbeatable views of the sea.

You can rent short-term or long-term. Book your luxury villas in Paphos now. You will have an unforgettable vacation. Choose from our properties here.

The Best Villas in Paphos

Star Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Paphos
6 BR, Paphos
Star is a majestic Cypriot villa for rent in the southwestern coast of Cyprus. Close to the city of Paphos, it has 7 bedrooms that...
Eslington Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Paphos
5 BR, Paphos
Eslington is a spacious and luxurious holiday villa for rent in the most sophisticated residential community of Cyprus. The...
Villa Mia — Luxury villa for rent in Paphos
6 BR, Paphos
Stay together as a family in the beautiful south0western end of Cyprus. Mia is a large 6-bedroom private villa for rent in a rural...
Belvedere House — Luxury villa for rent in Paphos
6 BR, Paphos
Belvedere House can be your home in Cyprus for an island vacation you will remember for long. This is a 6-bedroom exclusive villa...
Paradise Cottage — Luxury villa for rent in Paphos
5 BR, Paphos
The Paradise Cottage will cast a spell on you as soon as you enter this lavish 5-bedroom luxury villa for rent in Cyprus. Located...
Villa Margarita — Luxury villa for rent in Paphos
6 BR, Paphos
Stay as a group together, in luxury and complete luxury in this magnificent villa for rent. Located on the edge of a ravine in the...

General FAQ

⛱ Which beach in Cyprus is most beautiful?

Coral bay is a strong contender for the west coast's most beautiful beach.

🎈 Where should we stay in Cyprus?

The west coast of Cyprus is fringed by the calm Mediterranean sea, Coral bay is ideal for relaxing.

🍎 What is the best month to go to Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is between May and October. This time around 30 degrees every day.

🔥 What are the best beaches in Cyprus?

Visit the beautiful beaches: Ayia Napa, Paphos, Nissi beach, Gape Grecko and Coral bay.

❓ What are the top attractions to visit in Cyprus?

Let's explore the best attractions in Cyprus: Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the Roman), Tombs of the Kings & Archaeological Park (Paphos) and Kolossi Castle.

📌 Where is the best place to live in Cyprus?

Naturally, where else would we begin but Cyprus’s capital, Paphos. This city is a hub of culture, business and world famous nightlife.

💎 What makes Cyprus so special?

Though Cyprus is more famous for its red wine than white, the majority of its vineyards have white grapes. Cyprus is one of the world's biggest producers of citrus. Paphos have historically unique - the remains of ancient tombs, fortresses and palaces have made the whole town a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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