Villas for rent in Protaras

Stay in a luxury villa for rent in one of the best locations in Cyprus. The resort town of Protaras is located in the eastern end of the island, between Aiya Napa and the Cape Greco region. Most tourists visit Protaras for the famous Fig Tree Bay. But there are other attractions as well in this part of Cyprus. It has a laidback vibe, and is popular with everyone – couples, friends, and families.

There are many hotels, resorts, apartments, and holiday villas in Protaras. Stay in a villa for the most relaxing, luxurious, and private Cypriot vacation. You can choose from 2,3,4, or 5-bedroom villas in Protaras, depending on the size of your group.

Villas for rent in Protaras come with private swimming pools, gardens, spacious air-conditioned bedrooms, terraces with clear views of the sea, kitchen, and modern amenities for a luxurious vacation.

The Best Villas in Protaras

Ricardo Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Protaras
5 BR, Protaras
from $445 per night
Ricardo Villa will surpass your expectation in every way. This is a 5-bedroom exclusive property for rent in the south-eastern end...
Beach Vibes — Luxury villa for rent in Protaras
4 BR, Protaras
from $123 per night
A top villa for rent in a superb location in Cyprus. Beach Vibes is a 4-bedroom luxury estate, located very close to the...
Villa Danata — Luxury villa for rent in Protaras
2 BR, Protaras
from $62 per night
Danata is a spacious 2-bedroom villa for rent at Protaras in south-eastern Cyprus. A fantastic property for families, this villa...
Villa Sirina — Luxury villa for rent in Protaras
4 BR, Protaras
from $123 per night
A private swimming pool, facilities and amenities you can compare with top resorts, lavish exteriors, elegant interiors,...
Villa Raya 2 — Villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $146 per night
Stay in a clean, safe, and beautifully laid-out private villa for rent in the sunrise coast of Cyprus. This luxury property is...
Villa Raya 3 — Villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $146 per night
Enjoy a relaxing, laid-back vacation, an adventurous holiday packed with beach activities and sailing, or visit the many tourist...
Villa Katharina — Villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $124 per night
Stay halfway between the stunning Cape Greco region and the Blue Flag Fig Tree Bay in the eastern side of Cyprus. Villa Katharina...
Villa Vista — Villa for rent in Protaras
4 BR, Protaras
from $334 per night
Villa Vista is one of the most exclusive and lavish properties on the island of Cyprus. It is a luxury 4-bedroom holiday villa for...
Villa Katarina — Villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $141 per night
This 3-bedroom holiday villa for rent has all the hallmarks of a Mediterranean icon. Its architecture, stunning façade, private...
Villa Willow — Villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $141 per night
Stay at the center of Protaras, minutes away from many fabulous beaches in the eastern end of Cyprus. Villa Willow is surrounded...
Villa Paradiso — Luxury villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $92 per night
Come to Cyprus and spend a holiday in the Sun. The pride of the eastern Mediterranean, this small island offers many good villas...
Anastasia Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Protaras
4 BR, Protaras
from $123 per night
A Cyprus vacation very close to the Fig Tree Bay, which is one of the most famous beaches of Europe! Welcome to Anastasia, a...
Sunrise Villa — Villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $92 per night
Sunrise is a 3-bedroom villa for rent at Protaras in eastern Cyprus. This is a modern luxury property with contemporary designs,...
Triada Villa — Villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $92 per night
On the eastern coast of the beautiful island of Cyprus is a stunning new holiday villa for rent that could be the perfect address...
Porto Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Protaras
3 BR, Protaras
from $92 per night
Porto Villa stands out like a pearl on the Mediterranean Sea. An outstanding choice for a group of up to 6 people, this is a small...

General FAQ

⛱ Which beach in Cyprus is most beautiful?

Coral bay is a strong contender for the west coast's most beautiful beach.

🎈 Where should we stay in Cyprus?

The west coast of Cyprus is fringed by the calm Mediterranean sea, Coral bay is ideal for relaxing.

🍎 What is the best month to go to Cyprus?

The best time to visit Cyprus is between May and October. This time around 30 degrees every day.

🔥 What are the top attractions to visit in Cyprus?

Let's explore the best attractions in Cyprus: Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the Roman), Tombs of the Kings & Archaeological Park (Paphos) and Kolossi Castle.

❓ Where is the best place to live in Cyprus?

Naturally, where else would we begin but Cyprus’s capital, Paphos. This city is a hub of culture, business and world famous nightlife.

📌 What makes Cyprus so special?

Though Cyprus is more famous for its red wine than white, the majority of its vineyards have white grapes. Cyprus is one of the world's biggest producers of citrus. Paphos have historically unique - the remains of ancient tombs, fortresses and palaces have made the whole town a Unesco World Heritage Site.

💎 What is the safest way to pay for a holiday?

MasterCard and Visa most safest way. Cards better, than paying by cash, cheque, pre-paid card or bank transfer, with which you receive no protection at all.

Protaras Destination

Protaras is a fantastic holiday destination. It has beautiful beaches, enchanting little villages, hills, and small islets. Some of the best beaches on the island are located here, with many of them having the Blue Flag status. It is more sophisticated than the neighboring Aiya Napa, which has a wild and buzzing atmosphere.

It is popular as a diving destination too. Both first-timers and veteran divers head to the Green Bay. The Chapel, Malama Bay, the Blue Hole, and Dacosta Bay are the top sites for diving. Cyclops Bay is popular for both commercial and technical dives. Try snorkeling if you are not into diving. You can also go on a fishing or sailing trip from the pier. Boat tours leave regularly for the nearby sea caves.

There are many restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops all over the resort town. It has a touristy feel, but you will find authentic Cyprus if you just head out of the town for the villages and the hills. They are only a few minutes away.

The Fig Tree Bay

The best attraction of Protaras. A Blue Flag beach, it regularly ranks among the best beaches of Europe. There is a small islet just off the shore you can walk too during low tide. Most of the water sports is located here. You can swim safely here as the water is shallow. The beach has many sunbeds, umbrellas, bars, and restaurants. If you want seclusion, head south, cross the headland, and you will find many small coves and bays along the craggy shoreline.

The beachside promenade starts from the Fig Tree Bay and heads north, crossing the Pernera viewpoint, and the Vrissiana and the Sunrise beaches. It’s a beautiful walk. You will find many piers along the way for boat trips.

The Fig Tree Bay gets its name from a single fig tree. Above the beach, there are excavated Hellenistic tombs. The Cape Greco National Forest Park is in the south.


The coastline around Protaras is very interesting for tourists who like exploring. You will see many hidden coves, arches, and unique rock formations. Many of them are great for photography. You will also find many cavers you can enter. There are sea caves with tunnels to explore. You can approach them through land or the sea. According to legend, pirates used to hide their loot in these caves and tunnels.

You can take a boat trip to visit the sea caves, appreciate the beauty from the sea, or visit Cape Greco, which is at the south-eastern tip of the island. During the summer, you can also visit Varosha in the Turkish part of Cyprus.

Nightlife in Protaras

The nightlife scene in Protaras is not as vibrant as Ayia Napa. But almost every pub or bar has wide-screen televisions, and many have karaoke and live entertainment. They stay open till late into the night. You will, however, rarely find traditional Cypriot culture on display in these places. Most live performances are tribute acts of famous singers like Elvis and Cher.

Accommodation in Protaras

Protaras offers a lot of options. There are hotels, resorts, apartments, and luxury villas for rent. Villas offer the most private vacation. Our villas are all handpicked, so we can assure you that these rental properties in Protaras are perfect for a luxurious holiday.

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